We kicked off the 30 Day Blog Challenge yesterday with a quick task to create a short statement about what your blog is about. It’s only fitting that the next section be about your categories. Categories can help you streamline your blog and your overall goals, and it can help you create blog content quickly too! When you’re in a hurry trying to create blog content, go back to your main categories to help you brainstorm ideas. Today we are going to complete a brainstorming activities that will give you new blog ideas and simplified categories for your blog.

How to Streamline Your Blog Categories

How to Streamline Your Blog Categories

Make a list of your categories. Just what are they exactly? Do you have more than 5? More than 10? More than 15? It’s time to cut back! I admit that I have several categories on my main lifestyle blog since my theme needs my posts to be organized by precise categories due to how my theme displays posts (for example, I have recipes, salads, smoothies, snacks, etc.). However, I recommend that you have just five categories to pinpoint your main topics.

If any of your categories do not fit with your overall mission from yesterday, adjust them. Can you combine or get rid of categories that are no longer relevant? Did you at one time write about pregnancy but now you are past your childbearing years? While our blogs grow and change, we may find that we outgrow categories or need new ones to represent our current stage in life.

How to Create or Cut Categories

  1. Seasonal Content. Add categories if you consistently blog about holidays or seasons (like summer DIYs).
  2. Recipes. Add categories if you want to segment your recipes into sides, different types of cuisines, or restaurant reviews. Remove categories that are redundant.
  3. Lifestyle. While lifestyle may be a generic term, it could be a “catch all” for posts about your life. Consider how you want your menu to look. How do people find your blog topics about you? Perhaps categorizing them as lifestyle will help your readers understand what will be in that category.
  4. Hot Topics. If you blog about topics that don’t seem to fit anywhere,  consider them your “hot topics.” Maybe they are parenting rants or everyday stories about the world today.
  5. Travel. This can be a vague category and could be segmented further. What state do you live in? Do your frequently share items about your home or travel to your local state parks or beaches often?
  • Visit your Pinterest analytics. Which pins from your site perform the best? This should definitely be a category if it is not already!
  • What kind of sponsored content do you create or hope to create? I’ll be totally honest with you. I started doing recipes and party posts since I knew they paid. While I enjoy doing them, I didn’t start off as a food and party blogger. I knew that my readers wanted to see this content, and I created it for them.
  • Where do you live? What do you do? Since I live in Florida, I knew that it would be beneficial to start sharing Florida travel tips or Disney World content. Adding these categories became a no brainer, but I also stopped blogging about parenting in the process. It didn’t seem to fit anymore.

How to Streamline Your Blog Categories
Create blog post ideas for each category. When you’re categories are specific and make sense, make a list of 10 blog post ideas for each categories. If you have five categories, you will have fifty blog post ideas that are compelling. Brain dump ideas in a notebook and write down the first topics that come to mind. Think of seasonal content, easy challenges you can make for your readers (7 Day Smoothie Challenge, for example), and ways to get your readers excited to visit your site. Do this exercise quarterly.

Set up daily blog themes. If you write about various topics and get frustrated as to what to share and when, create blog themes for each day. For example, Mondays are recipes and Tuesdays are DIY posts. When you stick to daily themes, you can wake up in the morning and know exactly what you will be sharing.

30 Day Blog Challenge Task

  • Blog it: Create a blog post and share your blog post ideas. Not only is this helpful for you, but it’s helpful for your readers! You can create the post as a teaser of what is to come and you can hold yourself accountable OR you can share these ideas so other bloggers are inspired!
    • Examples:
      • 30 New Year Blog Post Ideas
      • 20 Parenting and Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas
      • 40 Organizational Ideas and Tutorials
  • Facebook it: Stop by the Facebook group and share your post or just answer the question in our forum.
  • Catch up: The first blog challenge was posted yesterday: What is a Blog Challenge?

Add Your Blog

Add your blog post OR your BEST category page from your blog in the link up. Write: “Day 2: Category Post Ideas” if you are sharing a list of your upcoming posts. Be sure to visit others and participate in the group.

What are your main blog categories? How will this help you simplify your blog in the future?

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