What is a 30 Day Blog Challenge?

Between blog challenges, email lists with free printables and too many products to purchase online to help you grow your blog, it can get VERY overwhelming. I buy into the craze myself. I don’t necessarily need the ebooks or extra projects on my plate, but I can’t help myself. I sign up whenever I can. To kick off November and end the year strong, I wanted to create a sense of community within #BloggersGetSocial. It has been a while since we came together to do a fun event, and this is an EASY way to do it.

What is a Blog Challenge?
Blogging is a way to grow your reach and social engagement toward your target audience. It is FUN, can be easy over time, and it ย can be profitable too. Over the next 30 days, I welcome you to participate with us on this blog, in our Facebook group, and on social media.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A daily blog post here on Bloggers Get Social
  • An actionable idea or assignment for you or your blog
  • A safe forum for you to ask all those “silly” questions and get direct access to me and other long-time bloggers
  • A community on social media (Use our hashtag! #BloggersGetSocial)

Here’s What You Will Get:

Ideas for new content to be more consistent on your blog: The first goal is to give you ideas for your blog. Whether it’s fresh content or a unique spin on seasonal ideas, this challenge should inspire you to create more content quickly.

Tips and Strategies to help you blog better: We all wish that we could improve our site. Every day there will be a new idea or a strategy for you to try. The overall goal will be to make blogging easier, faster, and make the entire process more seamless for you.

And, of course, we hope there will be more engagement and traffic to your site with our community there to back you up!


30 Day Challenge Ideas:

While you go through this program, think about creating your own 30 day challenge! This concept can be applied to any niche from foodies to family. Whether it’s a 30 Day Fall Recipe Challenge to a 30 Day New Year’s Goal event, consider taking notes while you go through these posts.

Today’s Task:

Create a simple sentence or “mission” for your blog. Tomorrow we are going to go over categories, so it will be helpful if you have a quick statement about what your blog is and what you hope to DO with it.

  • Blog it: Create a blog post with your overall mission for your site. Share an introduction and what you hope to accomplish. Link it up!
  • Facebook it: Stop by the Facebook group and share your post or just answer the question in our forum.

Add Your Blog

Share your about me page or a brand new blog post on your site that fits in with our daily challenge topic! Make sure to title it “Day 1: About My Blog.”

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