For today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge prompt, I want you to try one of my methods for getting ahead. Sometimes as bloggers we push ourselves to publish daily, and we may get distracted or feel overwhelmed. What should I blog about today? I don’t have any photos ready…how can I post? 

Before we start how to use blog post drafts to get ahead, let’s review our past topics:

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How to Use Blog Post Drafts

This is probably a no-brainer to set up drafts inside your blogging platform, but have you ever thought about how creating drafts makes you more productive when it comes to your blog? It also gives you a series of evergreen content ready to go whenever you need it. In WordPress, there are a few different plug ins that you can use (or you can just “save as draft”). This is also available in Blogger or other platforms too.

Here’s How to Use (and Create!) Drafts:

Use Drafts to Work on Your Next Blog Post: Obviously, you can use drafts to work on your current blog post until it is ready to publish. However, don’t stop there. As you have ideas or links for a roundup post, create a draft.

Plan Out Your Week With Drafts: Name your drafts the day of the week you hope to publish, and create a new draft for each upcoming publishing day. This will keep you ON TRACK. Create a theme for each day (Mondays: recipes, Tuesdays: family/everyday life, Wednesdays: Roundups, etc.). Don’t let daily blogging be a guessing game of whatever you feel like. That is so stressful! Write when you want and what you want with a little help with drafts.

Store Blog Post Ideas: As you find inspiration or come up with a blog series, make it a draft. Instead of writing it into a planner or adding to another organizational tool like Evernote, add it to a draft so it is saved inside your blogging platform. This keeps it front and center.

Add Quick Pinterest-ready Images to Your Drafts: Once I have several drafts ready, I always add an image. Try Pexels, Pixabay, and Canva to come up with a combination of free stock photos or $1 images from Canva. Add text and turn your “boring” draft into something more interesting. Not every blog post needs to be an epic story or full of photographs. You can trade off between more informative posts and your unique story.

At any given moment, I have about 25 to 50 blog post drafts ready to publish. How did I get this content set up and ready?

  • Virtual Assistants: Many VAs sell content that can help you on a busy week. You can find them in Facebook groups or on online job boards.
  • PLR: We will talk more about this in an upcoming challenge, but you can use PLR for ideas or quick content can be a huge timesaver.
  • Creating Roundups: When I’m in roundup-friendly Facebook groups, there are usually threads where everyone lists their best holiday content or lists their URL as being available for use in roundups.

Today’s Task:

Create your draft posts for the week. Consider starting a new weekly series and use drafts to stay on track.

  • Facebook it: Stop by the Facebook group and share your post or just answer the question in our forum.

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