As the 30 Day Blog Challenge continues, it is important to set aside time to work on your blog. I realized how quickly it is to fall behind myself this week. While traveling, I thought arrogantly that I could continue the pace I had started. Daily blogging, sharing, and promoting the posts in the Bloggers Get Social group. I realized soon after that hotel wifi was not always the strongest, and my other tasks seemed to outweigh this challenge. However, we are back! In an effort to streamline this challenge, all of the posts are scheduled in advance so you won’t need to worry about the next post!

Catch up:

Create Better Blog Titles
Today’s challenge is to brainstorm your new pages and post ideas from yesterday’s post and craft better blog titles. The most important part of a blog post could be photography, but a blog title ranks up there as well. A title is important for SEO (hello, free traffic from Google!), and you need to get better at writing titles that convert to clicks.


It is a fine line between creating a title that Google loves and ones that your reader will find interesting enough to want to click. You can use a keyword research tool to create a keyword or key phrase you want to rank for.

Make It Interesting

Once you have your keyword, you can make it interesting. For example, consider using blog post title templates to help you fill in the blanks

  • 10 Must-Read Blog Tips (quick lists are popular)
  • Why No One Is Reading Your Blog (something that speaks to the reader will help them click!)
  • 12 Crafty and Clever Ways to Christmas Decorating (add adjectives to make it interesting)
  • 14 Red and Green Holiday Decorating Ideas (keep it simple with keywords)

Use Google

What titles already exist on this topic? How can you add your own creative spin to it? It’s okay if you find a similar title, but try your best to avoid copying another idea.

Be Authentic To Your Blog

Share titles that are authentic to your own unique voice. You don’t need to copy others or just write boring keyword filled titles. Use Yoast to have a different title for search engines and use a more playful title for your actual blog post.

I use a few tools to make sure I have a good blog title. I start by figuring out what keyword to use. I used to use Google Keyword Planner but I now use SEO Keyword Magic from SEMrush. Once I find my keyword, I play around with different titles using CoSchedule Headline Analyzer (amazing free tool) until I get a title with a good score. – Kiana Naturally

Today’s Task:

Create a new blog post with a catchy and keyword friendly title.

  • Facebook it: Stop by the Facebook group and share your post or just answer the question in our forum.

Add Your Blog

Share your new blog post (or your favorite title from a past post!) with our daily challenge topic! Make sure to title it “Day 4:” with your improved title.

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