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Join Krystal + Rachel for a quick chat about boosting blog traffic with a few strategies including Facebook groups, link ups, and creating great content.

What’s the best way to bring traffic to your blog and bring up your numbers?

There is no specific formula or timeline.  It is work you must do every day.  Waking up in the morning, making sure you have a post ready to go. Marketing that post and make sure you have a community with other bloggers.

Create a Plan

Ask yourself the important questions: What can you do to double your page views and how will you do it? Create a plan to track what you do to see how it works and if it is worth doing again in the future.  That takes time and page views do not double in a day.  Come up with the top three social networks you want to focus on.  You need to focus on what is bringing you immediate results while you grow.  The top three social networks I suggest you focus on is Pinterest, Twitter (for networking and making friends) and Instagram.  I look at Instagram as an open playing field.  You do not have to fight with Facebook and tweets can get lost on Twitter, but with Instagram you can build a community and make sure your profile is on point so people want to click over to your blog from your bio.

Use Tracking Links

I use links on all social networks so I can track my performance and traffic.  I even use links on Instagram and when I am promoting a post using one of my images I will change out the link in my profile and track how many clicks I get to my site.  Traffic increase will come with consistency.  Is your traffic increasing from week to week – month to month?

Quality Content

Content is clearly important.  You need to make sure your content is relevant to your audience.  If your blog has mainly featured recipes and crafts, then you switch it up and start blogging about your family weekend you may not hold the same traffic as you once had. Every blog post needs to have keywords in the title, a Pinterest-friendly image to pin, tags for Google to find you and again, great content.


  1. Focus on three social networks
  2. Always include Pinterest-friendly image
  3. Connect with a network of similar bloggers

Blog Linkups

If you are looking for linkups to join you can search online for blogs in the same category.  For me it was more beneficial to join established linkups instead of creating my own.  I have my VA add my quality content with great images to various linkups and it is wonderful when my content is featured on another blog.  I get traffic from those blogs that feature me.  Some of my best traffic has been to a recipe post from being added to a linkup.  Linkups are important because they give people a way to find you and an easy way to share your posts.

Weekly Challenge

Create an opt-in for your blog to encourage your readers to signup for your newsletter.  An idea would be to create an ebook that can be as simple as a collaboration of some blog posts from your site.

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