This week we have a special event, and I’m happy to share this new challenge with you! Burnout to Bliss is a three-day challenge designed to make social media fun AND functional.

By the end of the week, you’ll be feeling much more organized. I’ll be publishing two additional blog posts with challenges to tackle in the next couple of days, but today’s lesson is all about email.

How to Organize Your Email Inbox

Energize Your Email

Gmail is Popular For a Reason

I recommend that you create a Gmail account and use your domain as your email. You can forward everything into one inbox with Gmail, and can also still reply via the “right” email so nothing is confusing. There are Google Chrome Extensions that you can use to make your email more functional including Boomerang, Productive Inbox, and Wisestamp (also available on Firefox).

Boomerang: Recall emails easily to follow up, set appointments and reminders. I frequently will “boomerang” pitches I have sent or offers that were made for my blog. I can follow up quickly, and nothing is forgotten!

Active Inbox: Turn your email inbox into a “to do” list. Set calendar updates, due dates, and keep a checklist in your email that works!

Wisestamp: Create a professional email with HTML and RSS feeds. Include your latest blog post link, social media links, and your personal information.

Bonus: Use Rapportive to see contact and employment information right in your inbox. When you receive an email, the sender’s LinkedIn information is displayed in the sidebar. This is particularly helpful when I receive pitches from companies, and I can see their LinkedIn profile right in my email! I usually connect with them on LinkedIn if I’m interested so that my name is top of mind.

Delete. Declutter. Designate.

When you have the right tools in place, it’s simple to create a system that works. I promise that I don’t check my email all day long. It would be impossible to get anything done with the amount of email I receive. I use to get rid of subscriptions, but I still receive hundreds (if not a thousand!) emails each and every day. Some are pitches, others are work related. The only way I can get through them all is with a strategy. I check my email three times a day, and I follow one of these rules to get each and every email OUT of my inbox.

Delete: Declare email bankruptcy and start over. Delete all of your emails that are six months or older and start over. If you’re still holding on to something that is older for a reason, put it in a folder to get rid of it. Otherwise, just delete!

Declutter: Turn off social media notifications. Instead, use a tool like IFTTT to compile your notifications for Twitter (for example, new followers) and receive it once a week.

Designate: Everything in your inbox should have a place…that is NOT in your inbox! Does it go in a folder to follow up? Do you “Boomerang” it for later? Or, are you saving it to your Evernote to file away? I always file important emails into their place. Consider making a folder for “follow up,” “urgent,” and “to read later.”

What’s your best email tip?


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