For today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge prompt, I want you to think about different types of blog posts. There are quick blog posts (think lists or roundups), and then there are epic blog posts. These long-form posts are more creative, include more photographs and text, and can captivate your audience since there is more to “do” on your site.

Before we share the differences between quick and epic posts, let’s review our past topics:

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How to Write Quick or Epic Blog Posts

Blogging can mean different things to different people. Some use their blog as a photo diary and include photos and few words. Others use their blog as a place to share their story and include few images. While there is no right or wrong way to blog, it is important to remember that formatting can help your readers comprehend your posts. It is also good to realize the difference between quick posts and epic posts. While there is no set word count for a quick blog post versus an epic blog post, short posts are anything under 500 words.

Epic posts, however, are long, well thought out posts that convey a lot of information. There are step-by-step instructions if it is a tutorial or it includes photographs along with a story. Think of an epic blog post to be 2,000 words long. There is more research involved, and it is not something that can be written in an afternoon.

What is the Difference Between Quick Blog Posts and Epic Blog Posts?

A quick post:

  • Can be written quickly
  • Easily read and shared by your audience
  • Keeps your blog fresh since quick posts can be written daily

An epic post:

  • Requires research
  • Should start with an outline
  • Include several images/graphics to break up the text
  • Summarize the main points to make it easy to follow
  • Are usually adored by Google and your readers since it is an in-depth look at the topic

Why You Want to Write a Quick Post:

  • Quick posts are something you can write and share quickly. They are shorter and to the point and easier to read. These are your everyday blog posts. A quick blog post is the type of content that you will aim to publish several times per week to keep your readers happy and engaged.

Why You Want to Write an Epic Post:

  • There is a lot more work that goes into an epic post and it isn’t something you’ll want to publish two to three times per week. Instead, it’s the rare project you put together to gain authority, links, and hopefully a lot of traffic via social media and the search engines. In an ideal world, I would like to publish an epic post once per month on a specialized topic to teach my readers something. For example, How to Create a Blog on WordPress.

Each type of post has its place in your publishing schedule. Are you using both types of posts?

Today’s Task:

Create or share your BEST epic blog post. Share it in the link up below.

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P.S. Keep an eye out for the next day’s challenge which includes blog formatting tips so that your epic blog posts are easily read!

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