It’s no secret that social media is a blogger’s best friend, but one often-overlooked and under-utilized avenue is Facebook. Bloggers can feel frustrated that their reach fluctuates or that their messages get ignored. Engagement is important for marketing our blog posts, and sometimes the audience just isn’t there on Facebook. However, it can be! There are a few simple things that you can do every day to boost your Facebook following and increase your engagement.

Facebook Tips For Bloggers

We’ve rounded up a few links that explain the best ways to use Facebook for the benefit of your blog. I promise that Facebook is a network that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a fast way to build an engaged audience with the right strategy.

  1. The Nectar Collective explains how Facebook groups can work for you, and suggests nine of them that you’ll want to consider joining today!
  2. This post at Amuse Your Bouche tells you why you should bother creating a Facebook page to begin with and then walks you through the process of setting one up.
  3. Over at Mums’ Days, Hannah shares the secrets to her success. (Her Facebook page’s audience grew from 300 to 300 in one year!)
  4. Check out 5 simple ways to make your fan page better at Blog Clarity.
  5. Learn from other bloggers’ experiments (and sometimes, mistakes) at Perfect Enough For Us, where they tried a variety of ways to reach a wider audience.
  6. Ellen Blogs explains how to properly size a Facebook photo, how to post Instagram photos to your Facebook account, and what to do when Facebook shows the wrong photo while sharing.
  7. Day By Day In Our World shares strategies for maintaining your Facebook page once it’s set in motion.
  8. Fabulous Blogging suggests having an engagement party, similar to a Twitter party, to adjust Facebook’s algorithm to work in your page’s favor.
  9. If 80 percent of success is showing up, the advice at Peppercorn Creative will keep you on the right track. Their words of wisdom are practical for anyone who cares about image and branding.
  10. Though Facebook can help you succeed as a blogger, Emulsified Family gives you tips on how to not let Facebook consume your entire blogging life.
  11. The Female Entrepreneur Association interviews Jordana Jaffe about becoming an expert in Facebook groups. Leverage your knowledge to be THAT person everyone wants to talk to!

How have you used Facebook to make your improve your blog or increase traffic to your site?

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