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Are you all about sharing your visual content on Instagram? We have a podcast that is FULL of information for you to listen to today. There are a ton of resources and screenshots coming your way as well. Let’s get started!


Should You Have More Than One Instagram Account?

This question is important to ask yourself in the beginning.  Is your goal on Instagram to build a following that will transition over to your own blog and for brands to notice your reach on Instagram?  If so, then you need your Instagram account to match your blog and be more uniformed than a personal Instagram account.

Food bloggers may want two Instagram accounts: one account for their daily lives with family and friends and one for foodie photos.  An account where they post photos of their child without their recipe could cause their readers to unfollow.  The second Instagram account may be specifically for their food blog only.  Some personality shown in your photos is okay, but your Instagram account should be predominantly focused on what you blog about.

A lifestyle blogger has more freedom on their Instagram account.  Their readers come to their blog and Instagram account to see lifestyle activities, therefore photos of your child or what you ate for dinner would be acceptable.

If you are searching for brand sponsorship, just look at your Instagram profile and determine if your photos showcase what that brand would be looking for.

Setting Up Instagram Profile

Your bio is only 150 characters max.  You may only add one link in your profile, so if you have more than one website you can switch out the link as many times as you wish.  If you write a blog post that you promote on Instagram through an image, then you can change the link in your profile to direct to that specific post.

Some bloggers create a landing page for their Instagram profile.  You can create a page on their blog that welcomes new readers from Instagram and includes links to all their other outlets, such as other blogs they own or their Facebook page.  Don’t forget to include your subscription box to your welcome page to capture new readers!

Resources mentioned:

  • PicTapGo – ability to edit your photos to make them look more uniformed, clean and organized on your Instagram profile
  • PeekUser – free service to have someone test/review your site
  • Camera+ – app for editing photos, many use this on the iPhone in place of the camera app that is built into the phone
  • SnapSeed – ability to have selective editing on just one part of a photo
  • YouTube Free Music Library – music for videos that are allowed


In the past you could add hashtags to an older photo and that photo would show up in a hashtag feed as current. The rules have now changed.  It seems to file the photo all the way back to when the photo was first published.  It is best to add hashtags to the comment of your photo as soon as you post it.

Test what time works best for you when it comes to publishing and search hashtags you feel are the best fit.  Click on the hashtags on Instagram and see how much they are used.

Evening and night seems to be the most popular time for Instagram interaction for us.

Click on the hashtags that you love and interact with others using the same hashtags.  Don’t wait for others to find you. Go and find them.

#BloggersGetSocial is our Instagram hashtag where we share photos every day! Look up our monthly photo challenge to hop in and join us.


We recommend using the iMovie app on your iPhone to edit all videos before publishing to Instagram.  If you have a video on your computer that was taken with a camera that is even better to share.  Higher quality always does better on Instagram.  You can edit a small video clip and download to your phone using the DropBox app from your computer.

Geo-Location on Photos

You can create a custom location on your photos if you are not in a public place and you do not want a clickable location.  Such as if you are at home you can create a mock geo-tag instead of tagging your home address to the photo.  The custom location is not clickable but you can use this area as a nice title to catch someone’s eye or to have a call-to-action.  An example for a food blogger would be – share an image of your new recipe and leave a mock geo-location that is titled Tag Someone That Loves Pasta!

To create a non-clickable custom location turn off the location settings on your phone for Instagram so it cannot access your GPS.  Then the location has to be manually typed in but will not tag the map.

If you are at a public location that is relevant to the photo that you are sharing then tag that location by using the location-based services on your phone.  When other visitors are at this location and on Instagram they will be able to see your photos and you will possibly gain new followers.

Don’t forget to use #BloggersGetSocial on your Instagram photos to join our community.  We even offer a monthly photo challenge with daily Instagram prompts!


Instagram Podcast

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