By now, you know you need to have a strong social media presence to drive traffic back to your blog, and you can’t exist on social media without photos! Awesome photos will make you stand out from the crowd, and it so worth investing in the right equipment and learning how to use it. I am not a photographer by trade, but I do enjoy taking photos. I like styling photos with nice backdrops or using brightly colored food as props for delicious recipes. I have learned how to use my camera to the best of my ability, but there is STILL so much to learn! Since it is a new year with new goals, I rounded up over fifty links to help you take better photos.

I hope that these links inspire you to learn how to take photographs that you LOVE and that your readers will truly love to share. It is important to have beautiful visuals to pair with your amazing content, and the best thing to do is to learn how to do it yourself! ūüėČ Sure, you can buy stock photography for a few posts here and there. However, your creative and unique photographs will tell¬†YOUR memorable story.

Photography Tips

  1. Before you get started, check out what you MUST know about buying a DSLR!
  2. Branded Solopreneur РCreate the perfect image without using stock photography
  3.  By Regina РTake a professional-looking selfie with these 7 tips.
  4. Cookie + Kate РAre you a foodie? Take a look at these tips for food bloggers.
  5. Delightfully Tacky РUse this advice for taking self-portraits with a tripod and timer on more than just selfies!
  6. The Accent Piece РLearn Photoshop basics in 31 days (or less).
  7. One Creative Mommy РMake a DIY lightbox.
  8. Here are ideas for a fall themed photo shoot.
  9. Lifestyle Blog Photography Ideas
  10. Planning a first birthday party? Don’t forget to photograph the cake smash!

Streamline Your Online Space

  1. Use this tutorial video to learn how Krystal’s Kitsch uses Photoshop Actions for easy editing.
  2. Boost your photography with these suggestions for creative angles.
  3. I Heart Naptime¬†–¬†Check out these photography lessons and you’ll be on the road to becoming a pro!
  4. Moms & Crafters РOnly have a point-and-shoot camera? No problem! Take better blog photos with these tips.
  5. QuartzРHere, fashion bloggers and photographers explain how to take perfect Instagram pictures.
  6. Pinkpot РMake the most of your DSLR camera.
  7. Creating&CoРTake a look at these 20+ photography and photo editing tips for bloggers.
  8. B.You¬†– It’s the little things that will make a big difference in your photography. Check out these basic tips.
  9. Glitter Guide– Discover your Instagram style, and follow this advice to make your pictures better!
  10. One Dog Woof РKeep these 12 things in mind when taking blog photos.

Streamline Your Online Space

  1. Thirteen Thoughts Р Taking brighter photos will make a big impact.
  2. How to Organize Your Photos and Email
  3. Instagram Photo Editing Tips
  4. iPhone Photography Apps
  5. Simple Smart Phone Photography Tips
  6. Take Better Photos of Children
  7. Need an idea for a photography location?
  8. Cute and Creative Photography Props
  9. Simple Ideas for Photography Backgrounds
  10. Plan a snowy winter photography session with these tips!

Streamline Your Online Space

  1. Do you know what a flatlay is? Here are tips to create and style your very own flat lays with Our Mini Family.
  2. Planning on taking photos of your furry family members? Read these pet photography tips!
  3. A Happy Homemaker shows you just what to do when you get your camera out of the box! Read it here.
  4. 5 Simple Tips for your Blog Photography
  5. Better photos of your kids
  6. Getting started with a DSLR
  7. 101 tips to taking better photos (these are not links, either)
  8. Take better pictures of a room
  9. Take great pics using your iPhone
  10. Learn all about aperture

Streamline Your Online Space

  1. No need to spend a fortune to take better photos!
  2. Better photos with any camera!
  3. Better Instagram pictures in any setting… break out those smartphones!
  4. Better smartphone photos. Apps + tips to help you take GREAT photos.
  5. Blog photos using a point-and-shoot. You don’t need a DSLR!
  6. Better travel photos. Make sure you can shoot on the go!
  7. Better holiday photos: definitely important to capture those holiday moments!
  8. Candid photos of kids! 
  9. Better photos of fireworks… this is something I struggle with!
  10. Better-than-professional newborn pictures. Very helpful ideas! 

Streamline Your Online Space

  1. Take better pics with baby. Don’t miss a special “first.”
  2. Pet Photography Tips. It’s hard to get your fur baby to stay still!
  3. No more blurry pics. For real!
  4. Christmas morning pictures. Save these for December!
  5. Better close-up photos. It can be done!
  6. Learn how to Take Better food photos. 
  7. Take better snow photos. Perfect for this winter!
  8. Coordinating family outfits for a photo session can be a challenge. Try these tips.

What blog photo tips would you add to the list?

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