Streamline Your Online Space

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Streamline Your Online Space

Do you have a blog that is messy? Are your social media profiles overflowing with accounts you no longer want to follow or have mismatched branding? Do you have an organizing project that has been on your to do list for WAY too long? If you are searching for the motivation and the inspiration to get your online space together, I have just the party for you to join. I want to invite you to hop in Streamline Your Online Space. It’s an exclusive online only event that will give you the accountability and the tools to help you get started or unstuck. Get ready to refresh your online life!

Streamline Your Online Space

What is Streamline Your Online Space?

Bloggers Get Social’s Streamline Your Online Space is a weekend spent online organizing your blog life. We will start with identifying your big bloggy goal, and we will support you to make progress over the weekend. Whether it’s a big project like switching to WordPress or a smaller project like organizing your email, we will share the tools and tricks you need to be more efficient online. If you get stuck, you will have an entire community of bloggers ready to help! There will be live events, a workbook full of resources to help you get started, and several in-depth online lessons with the tools that I personally recommend to help you on your journey toward serious organization.

Who is it for?

The online party is for you if:

  • you want to get organized but don’t know where to start
  • you need to jazz up your blog to make it easier to land sponsored gigs
  • you’ve been saying FOREVER that you are ready to “take your blog to the next level” but have never really thought what that meant
  • you are ready for a fresh look online
  • you understand the basic concepts of social media.

Streamline Your Online Space


  • 7 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Blogging with Sage Grayson
  • Creating Connections Online
  • Email Management
  • Navigation Bar: Create Categories and STREAMLINE your content
  • Sell Your Sidebar: Your prime real estate on your blog is WORTH something
  • Write an About Me page that gets pitches
  • Create social media graphics in a hurry (Video training)
  • Asana 101: How to use project management software to get things done
  • IFTTT (video training)
  • Trello (video training)
  • Write a newsletter that people open with Dwan Perrin of Mommadjane

Streamline Your Online Space

What do you get?

  • 50 Page Blog Workbook. This printable packet includes a project planner, worksheets to help you get (and stay!) organized, and other resource materials that you can use all year round.
  • Online organizing and blog tool resources along with TIPS to use them effectively
  • Printable Blog Post Checklist so you aren’t guessing what needs to be in a post

Streamline Your Online Space

Krystal Butherus

Krystal is a lifestyle blogger at Sunny Sweet Days, and she lives in Florida. She created Bloggers Get Social for busy bloggers to find a community for action and accountability. She hosts the Bloggers Get Social podcast and coordinates online courses. Follow #BloggersGetSocial on Instagram and Periscope to connect with our members!

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