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I wanted a place to share my BEST resources for those who are truly ready to take action on their blog. While I still share blog tips on this site, in the podcast, and in our Facebook group, the VIP Vault is a special membership site with my favorite NEW products. These are exclusive to the VIP Vault and have never been published in the group or on this site before.

Since these items are created ahead of time, I can share with you the topics and products you will receive when you sign up. Please note: items are released MONTHLY. You will receive the current month’s products when you join. If you join before January 31st, you receive the early bird bonuses.

VIP Vault

What Can I Expect From Being a Member inside the VIP Vault?
Each month you’ll have access to five new items.
  • 1 workbook (we call them action guides!)
  • 1 ebook
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF or spreadsheet (this would be a checklist or printable that you can use for your site.
  • 1 content calendar (you will receive them ahead of time so you have plenty of time to plan. If you join in January, you receive January, February, and March calendars. On February 4th, the April calendar will be released. From then on, you will receive the next month’s calendar.)

Early Bird Special Bonuses

If you join before January 31st, you receive these extras with your membership! They are only available through the VIP vault and will be sold separately at a later time. If you do not purchase before January 31st, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to purchase them down the road.

Bloggers Get Social Bonuses

  • Bloggers Get Social Productivity Book: a take action guide to help you focus on what matters and forget the rest. Set up systems that let your blog run on auto pilot, learn how to set up content for an entire year, and create a schedule focused on productivity.
  • Newsletter Action Guide Workbook: A step-by-step guide to creating your newsletter content, when to send it, and how to set it up.

 Want a sample at what the VIP Vault will look like?

Content Calendar Sample

Content Calendar
The content calendars include holidays, trending hashtags, and unique themes to help you curate an editorial calendar ahead of time.

Stock Photo Pack Sample

While I love to use stock photos on this site, I do take my own photographs. You can see my photography on Sunny Sweet Days or in this sample below! These are the EXACT photos you will receive for January when you join.

Monthly Stock Photo Packs

Each month you would receive a new pack with different photos that I have taken but the same high quality that you expect! You can do anything you want with those photos: create an ebook, use them as a Pinterest graphic, share them on social media. They’re yours to do as you wish (except sell or claim as your own!).

January VIP Vault Content (will be loaded in by January 13th)

January Package

  • Product Action Guide
  • How to Write an Ebook
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF
  • 1 content calendar for January, February, and March

*All new content will be uploaded by the 4th of the month.*

February VIP Vault Content

February Products

  • Passion Income Action Guide
  • Content Upgrades Ebook
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF
  • 1 content calendar for April

March VIP Vault Content

  • 30 Day List Building Guide
  • How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers Ebook
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF
  • 1 content calendar for May

April Courses

April VIP Vault Content

  • Your Blog Action Guide
  • Online Writing Course
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF
  • 1 content calendar for June

May Products

May VIP Vault Content

  • Webinar Action Guide
  • How to Choose a Niche Course
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF
  • 1 content calendar for July

May Products

June VIP Vault Content

  • Reviving Old Blog Posts Action Guide
  • How to Write Epic Blog Posts Ebook
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF
  • 1 content calendar for August

July Products

July VIP Vault Content

  • Group Coaching Action Guide
  • How to Determine Your Target Audience Course
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF
  • 1 content calendar for September

August Products

August VIP Vault Content

  • Outsourcing Action Guide
  • How to Cultivate Online Relationships With Bloggers
  • 1 stock photo pack
  • 1 resource PDF
  • 1 content calendar for October


September, October, November, and December content will be announced soon! 

Join the VIP Vault


What if I’m a brand new blogger? I’ve got you covered. The content calendars will keep you inspired, and the materials inside the vault are applicable to you no matter what season of blogging you are in. If you’re an advanced blogger, you will find solace in the fact that the big social media days are planned for you with the help of the calendar! The ebooks and courses are meant to supplement your blogging knowledge, and they are good for intermediate to advanced bloggers. Beginning bloggers won’t be lost though! The information is relevant and ready for you as you grow your bloggy biz.

Can I see a sample before I buy? Visit our shop for free printable PDFs and workbooks. The products inside the VIP Vault would be more in-depth but have a similar look and feel.

What if I only want to buy ONE of these products? Unfortunately these items are for VIP Vault members only. While I may re-release the products in the future, they would be at much higher price since they are packed with value! The VIP Vault is designed for those bloggers who truly want to grow and support Bloggers Get Social. That’s why the price is discounted.

Do you offer refunds? Due to the digital nature of these products, I do not currently offer refunds.

If I join in March, do I receive access to the prior downloads? No. You receive access to the downloads for the months that you are an active member. You can contact me if there is a specific product that you HAVE to have, and I can adjust your membership accordingly.

How long do I have access to these products? Essentially forever! However, I will gently nudge you to download the current month’s products by the end of the month. If you ever lose a file and need it again, if you’re a paying member you can just email me and I will send it over!

Join the VIP Vault


Krystal Butherus

Krystal is a lifestyle blogger at Sunny Sweet Days, and she lives in Florida. She created Bloggers Get Social for busy bloggers to find a community for action and accountability. She hosts the Bloggers Get Social podcast and coordinates online courses. Follow #BloggersGetSocial on Instagram and Periscope to connect with our members!

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