30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

As the 30 Day Blog Challenge continues, you may already feel that coming up with fresh content for your blog isn’t always so flawless. To recap, we discussed creating a mission statement and streamlining your categories over the first two days. Now, I want to create a few quick content ideas to help you prepare your blog for the new year.


Use Your Blog Comments For Inspiration

Some bloggers say comments are dead. In fact, some websites have even disabled the comment features on their blogs. I always say that I don’t recommend that. How does someone engage with you on your site? While we are moving toward social media content being more prevalent, our blogs are still important. Let your readers have a place to contact you! With comments enabled, you can use some of them as inspiration for a new blog post.

Readers may ask or comment on something that you didn’t include in the original posting. For example, I receive a few comments on recipe posts that suggest other ingredients or making this dish gluten-free. An easy way to add new content would be to answer their questions.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Introduce the topic or question. Let your readers know the original post that the comment appeared on. This gives you an internal link back (which is good for your SEO!), and it provides another way to share your blog content without a lot of work.
  • Share the answer to the question and elaborate where necessary. That’s it!
  • Format your post and add a graphic before publishing. You can reuse an image from the prior post and add new text for a pinnable graphic. Readers enjoy these posts since they often had the same question and didn’t think to ask.


It will save you time in the long run. By being thorough in your answer, it will not only apply to this exact question, but a multitude of related questions. As and when they pop up in comments, all you have to do is reply with a link to the post. Think of it as way to create your own personal FAQ section of the blog.

Other Blog Content Ideas For 2017

  • Another way to answer questions on your blog is to create a resources page. This can be a separate post or a page on your site. Share your favorite blog resources, stock photo sites, or how you do your everyday routine. Our readers are naturally curious about our daily lives. Even a list of your family’s favorite recipes can be interesting for your readers! Nothing is too “boring” if it fits your blog’s niche.
  • Consider making an ultimate resource list to answer reader questions across a variety of topics. For example, your favorite kitchen appliances for your recipes. Or, your parenting essentials. These resource lists are an easy way to encourage readers to stay on your site longer. Use affiliate links or Amazon links when you can as you promote your favorite content.
  • As you answer questions on your blogs in new posts, you can add them to a FAQ page.
  • As Seen On: a page for you to list your features on link parties, guest posts, or other appearances you have done. Were you a guest on a podcast? Were you featured in a local magazine?
  • Local favorites: Share a collection of your favorite local parks, restaurants, children’s activities, etc.

30 Day Blog Challenge Task

  • Blog it: Create a blog post and answer a question someone recently asked in your comments. OR, create a new page like a list of resources of frequently asked questions. Not only is this helpful for you, but it’s helpful for your readers!
  • Facebook it: Stop by the Facebook group and share your post or just answer the question in our forum.
  • Catch up: The first blog challenge was posted yesterday: What is a Blog Challenge? Follow up with a post about creating blog categories.

Add Your Blog

Add your blog post OR your BEST resources page from your blog in the link up. Write: “Day 3:” and the title of your page. Be sure to visit others and participate in the group.

What posts or pages will you add for the new year?

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