In our most recent podcast episode, we tackled Snapchat. Why should bloggers or business owners use this network? Well, it’s a lot of fun! Beyond that, it can help you get to see behind the scenes of your favorite busy bloggers or connect with other creative entrepreneurs. The best way that I can describe why I want to use Snapchat more frequently is to get to know those who I follow on a more personal level unedited. We edit just about every thing online – our headshots, our curated Instagram feeds, our perfect Pinterest parties. Yet Snapchat is where you can create content on the go and share it unedited. It’s real, unfilteredย (okay, there are a FEW filters on Snapchat), and it’s fast.

Snapchat Tips

It’s more fun to use a social network when your friends are on it. I remember when I felt like the only person on Google+ talking to myself. Over time my network grew, but it sure felt lonely at first. Snapchat is the same thing. The more friends or bloggers I know that use it, the more I find myself using it. If you are just starting your Snapchat network and watch to watch some shared stories from entrepreneurs, bloggers, and celebrities, here is a list to get you started.

Our Snapchat Handles

  • SunnySweetDays
  • TheFoodieJen


  • AprilGoLightly: A Florida fashion and lifestyle blogger that shares her travel and fashion!
  • Bakerita: A food blogger with a serious flair for delicious desserts. This Oreo Skillet Brownieย has my attention.
  • CollegePrepster: This popular blogger shares snaps of her everyday life in New York City. And, yes, it’s fabulous.
  • ComiendoEnLA: Get to know the West Coast through food snaps with Comiendo En LA!
  • FlyingTheNest: Perhaps my absolute favorite travel bloggers! They’re a duo who like to sing in the car on long road trips and share their everyday journey on YouTube. Watch them Snapchat their way across the world and enjoy beautiful pictures like these from Canada.

Looking for more travel Snapchatters? Use this list from Thought Catalog.

  • GalMeetsGlam: One of my favorite fashion bloggers! Her travel and style are inspiring.
  • PinchOfYum: You probably know Pinch of Yum from their monthly income reports and other products that they sell. They also share a look at their everyday life in their daily snaps. They also share blog tips on their site from time to time.
  • SkinnyTaste: A cookbook author and blogger, her recipes (and cocktails!) are so good!
  • TheAlexBeadon: An inspirational entrepreneur, she connects with her fans in several snaps throughout the day! From life in Florida to updates about her business, it’s a good one to watch. She also shares blogging tips like this post about how to go “public” on Snapchat.
  • WaitingOnMartha: I was able to watch her speak virtually to a conference last year, and I’ve been hooked ever since! She shares awesome shots of her travels and products.


  • BrittanyJFurlan: She’s a Vine “celebrity” that shares silly snaps throughout the day.
  • FullyRaw: Her YouTube and Instagram following is massive!
  • JaredLeto: The man, the myth, the legend.
  • KylizzleMyNizzl: Kylie Jenner. You’ve been warned.
  • TheRealDrMiami: We seriously can’t get enough of these NSFW plastic surgery snaps. The team of Dr. Miami has created a community with their page, and it’s worth at least watching a few times to get ideas and inspiration for your own business. They now sell products, give shout outs to their fans, and are hosting events!


  • Mashable
  • FallonTonight

You can also use this list on The 11th Second for more artists and brands to follow.

Do you use Snapchat? Leave your user name in the comments, and we will follow you!

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