Do you have a schedule for your blog biz? It can be as simple as schedule tweets, participate in Facebook groups once a week, and blog 15 times a month. Some of us prefer keeping track of our social media plan digitally while others like to write it down. I can never seem to find a planner that fits my entire life (work, blog, business, projects, family, etc.), so I often have to combine digital printables with paper planners. To help you create your own social media plan, I’ve created this simple social media calendar workbook to create a calendar for your blog.

Learn how to create a Social Media Calendar

Social Media + Blogging

Without social media, it would be harder for us to find captivated readers. Pinterest is usually my #1 traffic referrer, and I know how important it is to build community with other bloggers online. It can feel entirely overwhelming even to advanced bloggers who might have it “figured out.” Trust me, no one knows it all. Between algorithm changes, new apps and tools to learn, and constant content creation, being an “expert” at social media seems to be few and far between.

Instead, I want you to own your time. I want the hours that you spend on a computer to mean something and help contribute to your ultimate goal online.  Start with the basics and create a routine that works for you and your brand.

Social Media Calendar Workbook

Learn how to create a Social Media Calendar
This 23-page workbook has lots of room for you to write (OR type! It’s editable!) your favorite hashtags, your best content, your inspiration. I share my favorite hashtags, ideas for yearly content curation, and social media networks that I use.

Learn how to create a Social Media Calendar

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Other Blog Biz Tips

1. Word of Mouth Does Exist: When you please one of your readers, they are more likely to tell others about you. Word of mouth can be such a powerful marketing tool for your blog business. The key is to make sure you please your current readers so they come back for your latest posts, and they will authentically list you as a favorite blog in the future.

2. Keep it Simple: Paying someone hundreds of dollars a month to market your business probably won’t make much sense. Instead, keep it simple and utilize all of the free marketing you can. Going and introducing yourself to new bloggers is one way. Try a local blog group or a Facebook group for other bloggers.

3. Update Your Current Copy: Sometimes websites, social media accounts, and email is a great way of marketing your small business. Updating your current copy to be compatible with SEO and keywords is one smart move. Refresh your about me page, privacy policy, and advertising terms.

4. Use Your Current Content: How many blog posts do you have sitting around? Use this content to create a freebie for your readers. If it’s useful, you can use it to grow your email list. You could even turn your old blog posts into an e-book or create a podcast with older content. Repurpose what you have so you don’t work harder to get new readers.

5. Join Forces: One of the best marketing strategies I have seen is when two bloggers team up to create something that people really want. If you design printables, team up with a course instructor. You could design printables for her students while promoting your business and blog at the same time. Or, if you know how to edit a podcast, trade services with a virtual assistant who wants to launch one.

What are your best social media tips? Do you create a social media calendar for your business?

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