How to Use Asana to Get More Done

Productivity is not a Myth

Start using an online organizer, like Asana or Trello, to keep you on track. These websites allow you to see your to-do list, calendar, project details, due dates and even allow for team collaboration, all in a one-stop-shop. Both are free to use.

Here’s how I use Asana:

I create a project folder with a checklist of ALL my blog posts that are due along with any topics. Inside each item on the checklist are my notes, social share links, hashtags that need to be used, and I add a due date. It is SO much easier having it in Asana than in my email. I promise!

Speed up your blogging.

  • Stick to 3 to 6 categories: Have you ever stared at a blank sheet of paper or empty Word document with no idea what you should write about? Of course, we all have! But while you’re drawing a blank, the minutes are ticking by. Having too many options to write about causes us to freeze (and it can be confusing to our readers). An easy way to choose an idea is to limit your blog posts to just 3 to 6 categories. These will be the same categories you’ll use to label your blog posts. By limiting your choices, you’ll be able to focus in on what you want to share next. What categories make sense for your blog?
    • Create daily blog themes if you need extra help. For example, Mondays are recipes, Tuesdays are crafts, Wednesdays are budgeting tips.
  • Keep an idea notebook: In addition to limiting yourself to specific categories, you’ll need a way to keep track of the topics you want to cover. Keep an idea notebook with you at all times so you can quickly capture the ideas as they come to you. No more wasting time trying to recall that amazing idea you had three days ago. If your idea notebook is pretty and organized, then you’ll be more likely to use it. Find an attractive notebook that’s small enough to fit into your purse (remember, keep it with you!), and add tabs or dividers for each of your blogging categories. Now when you get an idea for a blog post, you can quickly jot it down before you forget. Admit it, you’ll forget that brilliant idea you had at 1:00 a.m. if you don’t write it down immediately.

Follow this advice and you’ll get everything done on time, without sacrificing quality.

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